Friday, April 24, 2009

I Have So Much To Learn

So I made the mistake of telling my pre-/teen stepsons that they could pick the paint color for their bedroom. Yeah, ha ha. Stop laughing.

First, they wanted red, green, blue, and purple, one color on each wall.

Umm... how 'bout no, Scott. (Guess that movie!)

Then they pleaded for just green and purple. (Florescent lime green and bright purple, mind you. Apparently, they're skater colors.)

I called Ralph on the phone and he thankfully nixed that right away. (He also reminded me that he wouldn't have consulted them on the colors, but rather just gone and done it. Now he tells me.)

I tried to steer them towards an acceptable blue or something like that. Instead, they decided on this:

It's called North Sea, but it looks like dark asphalt to me. I got a quart of it and took it home and painted some on the wall. It looks just as hideous as you might imagine, although all the other (male) members of the family thought it looked fine.

I tried to compromise. Could we do Raiders' colors? Black on the bottom half of the room, gray on the top? Kind of like the colors of their site background behind the logo?

"No, 'cause you'd want to use a light gray."

Well, yeah....

"We would do it if we could have the black on the bottom and the gray we picked on top."

Black and dark, institutional, soul-sucking gray. Sounds lovely.

Ralph sensed that I wasn't exactly in love with the color. (Huh, wonder how, since it's not like I complained the entire time I was painting the sample or anything.) He finally convinced the boys to go with Dodger Blue.

Ralph's even going to stencil the LA on the wall for them in white.

While it's still not the color I personally would pick, I can live with it. And I know the boys will like it, which is what's important.

Next time, though, I'm just going to buy the paint myself and not consult anybody. Especially thirteen year old skate rats.

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jennifer said...

I GET this post. Color is important! Glad you all came to a livable compromise.