Thursday, April 10, 2008


This post is for my friend Andrea, who has two adorable young boys. I had the pleasure of looking at pictures of their first skiing adventure yesterday, and thought I should probably share a picture with her as well.

Recently she said that I would have to give her advice on raising boys, as I've manage to land myself into a family of three of them (four, if you count their dad, which I do). I've alerted her to all the things I'm sure she's already aware of, namely the dirt, noise, fighting, and interesting smells. And of course I'm sure she understands all the different kinds of wonders her boys will expose her to as well.

But just so she knows, in case her boys are like our two youngest, where one is still kind of afraid of the dark (but won't admit it), and therefore has to sleep in his brother's room because even bunk beds aren't close enough in the middle of the night, and also needs to have the puppy in the room, too, since he just knows she'll be too lonely otherwise, and wants to be as close as possible to other warm, reassuring bodies in the dark, this is what their room will eventually look like:

All the time.

Looking at the picture now, I just realized that they not only put their Spiderman bean bag in the dog's crate, but also some of their new blankets I just bought them. Sigh. You gotta love 'em.

I also think it's funny that the current picture on one of my favorite blogs, i think this world is perfect, has a picture of a kitten in a girl's beautifully color-coordinated room with a perfectly made bed:

Wow! What a difference!

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