Monday, September 12, 2011

Makeup Monday: Hooded Eyes

What are hooded eyes? Some people call them bedroom eyes, I guess to try and make them sound more sexy. Or something.

Basically, hooded eyes are eyes that don't show much eyelid, but rather have the puffy part beneath your brow folding over your lid, concealing it from view.

Exhibit A (moi):

Sorry for the craptastic pics. I only had my phone.

Some famous people with hooded eyes:

I think many people who go in for eye lifts have hooded eyes. The hoods tend to droop with age. I swear mine are going to be resting on my eyelashes soon.

So how to keep from looking like you're super sleepy or have really puffy eyes? Click on the links of the stars' name above; the sites offer some great tips for hooded eyes.

One of my favorite tutorials is from Marlena at Makeup Geek:

She's got great tips for all kinds of looks, and she has tutorials for all eye shapes.

The main thing I learned is a tip that seems counter-intuitive at first. The darker shadow should actually go on the hooded part of the eye and not on the lid. It seems like that would make that part of the eye stand out and look like you have way too much makeup on. But if you think about it, we use dark colors to detract attention from something, like wearing black to look slimmer. By using lighter colors on the lid, those colors draw attention to the eye and not the hood above.

After trying this method, I actually got nice comments on my makeup, and I never get comments on my makeup.

Hope this helps for you fellow bedroom-eyed beauties.

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Anonymous said...

this was very helpful ^____^ im fourteen and have just started with makeup about 7 months ago, and recently began expierementing with eyeshadow, but wondering why it always looked wierd on my eyes. i never knew hooded eyes existed until recently. the moment i was reading about them, i grabbed my mirror and was shocked to see i had never noticed my eyelids were different from most people's. im half korean, half caucasian. this must be why my eyes are like this, because mostly asians have hooded eyes. im a little disapointed, because it will make learning makeup looks for my eyes, even harder. hahah, but thanks for the help :)