Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday ~ Ohio Edition

Ten things I loved about going to visit my grandmother a couple of weeks ago (in no particular order):

1. Escape from the 150° (only a slight exaggeration) heat in So Cal. Even the rats were wilting, and they are hardy creatures.

He looks dead, but he's just laying there bemoaning his existence in the horrid heat.

2. Time spent with family. Almost the entire California contingent trekked out to Ohio for my grandma's birthday and annual family reunion. It was great catching up.

3. Spending time with this lovely lady in purple and red.

Ninety-five years young, she is. And still sharp as a tack, too.

4. Getting to see that my 95-year old grandmother is still very active. When not traipsing up and down the halls getting her daily exercise (the nurses call her Speedy), she can be found doing puzzles, chatting it up with residents and employees alike, and trying her hand at pottery and other crafts.

Squirrel, by Angeline Kuhel

5. The FOOD. Yes it needs to be in ALL CAPS. Not only because it was all delicious, but because there was so much of it!

Kielbasa and pasties are traditional Slovenian dishes served at most get togethers.

6. Receiving a stone from the foundation of my grandmother's original homestead up in Michigan.

7. Watching old black and white movies, just Grandma and me.

8. Getting to see my grandma meet my brother's wife for the first time.

9. Getting to look through my brother's wedding album for the first time.

10. Coming home to a wonderful family and remembering how much I love them. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

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