Thursday, August 14, 2008


Repurpose: transitive verb : to give a new purpose or use to

Today's tip is about reusing what you already have, but in a different way. Instead of running out to Organized Living or Bed Bath & Beyond to buy those pretty new organization boxes, buckets, and whatnot, try using some of the "junk" you already have lying around. We just happen to have a lot of beer cartons that come through the house. They get repurposed into drawers organizers and pen holders.

You've seen my rolling pin:

Instead of buying new Tupperware, try containers that used to house something else. This coffee jar stores rice now.

Instead of buying a pretty new container for my homemade deodorant, I use an old teacup I had lying around.

And instead of buying new plastic bottles for my no 'poo concoctions, I use old dish soap and body wash bottles.

The silver cup is an old toothbrush holder that I keep my baking soda in, and the pump bottle on the middle shelf is an old soap dispenser that I keep my OCM mixture in.

Instead of buying plastic makeup organizers (I already do have a couple) I simply use glasses to keep most of my beauty products in.

My favorite way to repurpose, of course, is to turn plastic bags into purses by "plarning":

You can also just iron plastic bags together (between wax paper) to create a sheet of pliable plastic you could use as a waterproof lining, gift wrap, tablecloth....

Here are some cool repurposing ideas from

The possibilities are endless!

Of course, I know people repurpose old stuff all the time; these are just a few ideas. I would love to hear how other people use old things in new ways. I'm always looking for new ideas!


A-Bot said...
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A-Bot said...

I am pretty darn proud of myself since I have always tried to repurpose some things around the house : ) And it's nice to know that all that beer was good for something : )

Heather said...

I love your icon a-bot! It looks like repurposed metal. Sweet

jennifer said...

I do the glass/jar holder thing. I love the cotton balls in the whisk (sp?) too - cute!

Great ideas all!