Thursday, August 14, 2008


I love Merriam-Webster's definition of pallid: adjective: deficient in color. Yup, that's me. In every picture I've ever taken, I always look like I've been cooped up in a dark room for my entire life. You'd think I'd try and get a little color, but I swear, tan just doesn't stick to me.

It's worse when I take pictures with other people. No matter what, I'm always the palest person in the entire group.

Here I am a few years ago at my brother's graduation.
Somehow he managed to escape the ghastly-pale complexion that I inherited.

The funny thing is that even when I put on makeup, I still look like I'm on death's doorstep.

A couple of years ago my then-roommate Lisa and I decided to get all gussied up for our neighbor's birthday party. We went and got our makeup done and I asked the woman to give me the smoky-eye look. I think in this picture I look more like she gave me the raccoon-eye look.

It was my own idea to pair the already-dark eyes with the super dark red lipstick. As if I didn't already look like I'd had all the blood sucked out of me, I made it even more painfully obvious by contrasting my poor skin tone with totally overpowering shades. I should never be trusted with makeup.

My only solution is to simply stop taking pictures, or at least only take them at the height of summer, when I have the teensiest bit of color, and no one else in the picture to compare me to.


Oh, I almost forgot. Blue, who wrote my last Sincerely 'Fro Me to You post, says thank you for all your kind words. He is still not happy about baths, but the crunchy treats and nice comments from you guys help ease the pain a bit.

Something else that takes his mind off the torture is his new challenge. His goal in life now is to try and convince me that 70+ pounds is a perfectly acceptable weight for a lap dog.

Hey, as long as it keeps him happy.

Want somethin' else to smile about? Head on over to We Are THAT Family and get ready to giggle.


mommagurl32 said...

I feel you.

I too have pallid-ness.

If I happen to show up somewhere with out makeup, I hear "Are you look tired/sick" at least 5 times.

And when I give blood they always freak out afterwards like maybe they took too much. They make me stay for like 15 minutes afterward and stuff me with candy and juice in hopes that I dont collapse in the parking lot.

I can tan about 50% of the time. Last time I tried to tan (at a salon) I broke out in a horrible itchy red that was out) and the time before that I actually did tan but everytime I saw my mother she would tell people she thought I looked "dirty" b/c she was so used to my pallid-ness.

So...I feel you.

Good post...thanks for sharing!

Jamie in Rose Cottage said...

Love your big ol' doggie pal there! Mine isn't quite 70 pounds (more like 50-ish) but she thinks she's a lapdog, too!

D... said...

Blue is adorable! I have a big dog too.

You are lovely! Pallid and all! And I love your top in the 2nd pic. :)

We are THAT Family said...

I have the same disorder/disease/dysfunction!

And it's worse in summer because I tan well everywhere, but my face!

Amy said...

I too am a pale face!
There's a blush out there that can help...a little. It's by Lorac and called warm glow-a little pricey but worth the money for how long it lasts. Check it out. It's the only thing that has helped me in photos.

Crayl said...

I see a woman that is confident and pretty...with smoky eyes. Sorry you feel differently, and for your paleness if it is bothersome. But your eyes sparkle and you smile beautifully, so take heart.

Valarie said...

I have the same problem. Most of my siblings got the kind of skin that when they walk outside, they turn brown. Me nope it takes a lot for me to get dark and then when I do everyone is still darker than me. :)

Tammy said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, my mother makes you look like a native American! :-) We have always poked fun at the poor woman.

BTW, I've got a 60 lb, almost 13 year old Labrador lap dog! In her finest day she was a 70lb lap dog!

jennifer said...


That is the story of my complexion.

I think that you look lovely!


Muthering Heights said...

I feel your pain! It's even worse that my sister is addicted to tanning, leaving me looking like powder next to her in all of our family photos!

Scribblin' 'Possum said...

Hey! Isn't that the plarn bag you made me, Missy? I do love it so much! It's so damn cute and you are so damn crafty! :)

Heather said...

Scribblin': Yes it is, my dear! (But that's on the post above this, so it doesn't really make sense to anyone else :)

Amy: Thanks for the Lorac tip. I am definitely going to try it out!

Thanks everyone, for leaving such sweet comments. I'm glad I have sisters in paleness :)