Friday, June 13, 2008

Poolside Fauna

In anticipation of the end-of-baseball-season pool party this Saturday (poor kids went 0-20), Ralph took all of his progeny outside yesterday to cut back the jungle encroaching on the pool. Of course, this meant he got labeled by the two youngest as the meanest dad ever, that is, until they found an interesting lizard trying to figure out what had just happened to its cover of leaves and twigs.

I love the turquoise flecks on its back:

Ralph then showed them how to "put it to sleep" by turning it over and rubbing it's stomach:

Look at that brilliant blue!

Amazingly, it just lay there, as if dead. After a few minutes, they decided to put it back out in the garden and hope to see it around again soon.

I think this elevated Ralph's status back to super-cool dad, so all was well. And I'm happy that they didn't bring me the usual fare to see, which consists of centipedes with fangs and scorpions from the pool...

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