Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earthquakes and Coffee Withdrawals

Thought this picture was apropos since yesterday we had a 5.4 earthquake about 20 minutes from our house. (I got under my desk like I was taught in elementary school, only to hear from someone else that nowadays you're supposed to crouch next to something big, not under it. Sheesh.)

I knew it was the earthquake and not my coffee jitters because I've been trying to wean myself off my caffeine addiction, especially now with the Discretionary Eating Challenge starting on Friday. Yesterday, I originally said I'd go 100% BUZZ and stay away from all caffeine, but my eyelids are not cooperating and my head is aching.

I think for now, instead of simply calling myself a failure and going back whole hog, (which is what I usually do), I'll adjust my expectations of myself. I've been guzzling about 3 cups of liquid heaven per day, and this week I've been functioning okay on one. Plus, I stopped putting non-dairy creamer in, so that helps on reducing my refined foods intake. So I'm adjusting my percentage to 75% BUZZ, and hoping I'm able to move closer to cutting it out completely as the challenge continues.

I'm off to the coffee pot.

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Chile said...

Weaning is often the better choice with caffeine addiction. Remember that you can also cut back on the caffeine by mixing regular and decaf coffee beans when you make it. Just keep increasing the proportion of decaf and then wean off the decaf altogether to eventually become coffee-free, if that is your goal.