Monday, August 11, 2008

Cat Poop and Litter Crunchies

I had planned to write about how I'm doing on my Discretionary Eating Challenge today, complete with pictures of my homemade shortbread, but then I realized I forgot my camera at home. So I'll have to tell you about another food issue, using pictures I already have (you'll recognize a couple of 'em).

Coco, our seven-month-old dingo (she just looks the part; we think she's a Belgian Malinois), has an odd scent to her breath every now and then. It's not necessarily an awful smell, it's just that it smells, well, manufactured. Like there's an unnatural fragrance that's been added. It took me a long time before I realized what the smell was: cat litter.

Coco likes nothing better than to go hunting for food in the cat box. For whatever disgusting reason, she loves cat poop covered in litter. I try to clean the box as often as possible, but every now and then one of the cats sneaks in, and before I can get to it, Coco is rooting around.

It's hard to keep up when both cats are inside, and Coco is always on the lookout.

In this picture, (as in the ones above), she's obsessing over Ninja's tail, but I swear she looks like she's waiting for her favorite treat to come straight from the source.

She pretty much likes anything smelly, I think:

She loves trash and doesn't mind drinking out of the toilet either.

My parent's dog used to get their used Kleenex out of the trash to chew on. And we actually buried our chihuahua with one of Paul's dirty socks because she loved them so much. She would seek them out and roll around on them in heavenly bliss.

Animals are so weird.

I'll try to have a more appetizing post tomorrow.

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Chile said...

Why are dogs so gross? Your observation of Coco waiting for a treat straight from the source reminds me of a story I heard (or read) about a dog hanging out right behind an outdoor cat for just that purpose. Apparently, the lack of anything left to cover totally freaked out the cat.