Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ten On Tuesday: Edition P

Crayl over at Beyond Black and White hosts Ten on Tuesdays, a carnival showcasing what we're thankful for. I've never done this one before, but I love word games! And I love being reminded of things to be thankful for. This week is about naming things you're thankful for that start with the letter P.

Peez, my youngest preteen stepson who is always full of precociousness and pleasantries.
Potential; I hope I'm able to find and use all mine.
Panache; I love when people use it just right.
Popcicles, especially root beer.
Psychiatry, because it's helped me in many ways.
Pictures, to preserve all the memories.
Print (a.k.a. the written word) since I love reading more than just about anything else.
Jim Plunkett (I had to put him in for Ralph, the rabid Raider's fan).
Precipitation something we get so little of here in the desert.
Pioneers, (of any kind) because someone had to go first, and these people jumped right in and paved the way for us.


Amy said...

Jim Plunkett.. good call.. even if he does look shockingly like Allison Krauss :)

Mrs. Carol said...

Ooh popsicles. I totally forgot that one.

Crayl said...

Panache got cut off my list, it was maybe 11th. Good list, thanks for participating!

AGSoccerMom said...

I met Jim Plunkett once many moons ago when they were playing my LA RAMS. Ok, I am only 5.3 but all I remember is his Raider Belt Buckle.
Dude is really tall. Oh yeah, tell yer Raider fan, I think we won that game. Wait never mind, this year we both stink. LOL.