Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Now We're Just Infested

We decided that Bunny needed a playmate in a serious way. She was alone in the house all day, with nothing animate to occupy her time. She is such a social butterfly that we realized that the situation just wouldn't do. So on Sunday afternoon, I brought home another little girl, around the same age as our lovable little dust bunny.

She's still recovering from being taken away from her mother, and is seriously shy. When we let her loose around the house, she immediately heads for the first piece of furniture she can find to hide behind.

I can only lure her out with food or milk.

Bunny has done a great job getting her to be more social, though.

Bunny is simply beside herself with joy at having a friend to play with. And while the new furball is probably wondering what she did to deserve being subjected to a manic dust bunny 24/7, I think she'll come around.

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