Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ten on Tuesday ~ The Vivacious V!

I am thankful for...

1. Variety ~ It's the spice of life!
2. Vertebrae ~ Couldn't do anything without them!
3. Veterinarians ~ With four cats and two dogs, we definitely depend on them!
4. Visionaries ~ They're the ones who keep us moving forward in life.
5. Vegetables ~ Delicious and nutritious!
6. Velcro ~ Great invention!
7. Vaccinations ~ I owe much of my good health to them.
8. Vigor and Vitality ~ I wish I had more of each.
9. Vocal cords ~ Indispensable in my main form of communication.
10. Vacations!!

For more victuals to satisfy your voracious appetite and your tendency toward voyeurism, head over to Beyond Black and White!

1 comment:

Crayl said...

You are on your game this week! fabulous list! Thanks for participating.