Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Time for another confession session where I tell you about all the things I did NOT do!

* Last week I did NOT get a speeding ticket. I always drive the speed limit, even though I commute over 120 miles a day. I did NOT tell the officer I had no idea why he pulled me over, since I'm always self-aware when I drive, even at 4:30 AM when I start my commute.

* I did NOT have a hissy fit at the Christmas-tree farm when the boys weren't cooperating while I was trying to get a Christmas picture. I would never force anyone to stand still and smile when they would rather be running around looking for the perfect tree.

* I was NOT upset that none of the boys felt like smiling, therefore having the picture turn out with them looking like I just told them they were getting coal for Christmas. No way. I believe in truth and honesty in photography.

* I did NOT forget that the farm only accepts cash or checks, and thus did NOT make the family leave empty-handed after all the expectation and build-up of getting our tree that day.

* I was NOT secretly happy that Ralph and I went by ourselves later in the week to get the Christmas tree, saving much time and squabbling. Nope. I like having the boys involved in everything.

For more lists of things that perfect people did NOT do, head over to MckMamma's blog, My Charming Kids.

1 comment:

Corine said...

Ok- I know im a couple of days late with checking out the not-me-mondays..

but this is a great one... I could so SEE ME "NOT DOING" all those things.

Im a picture fanatic, and with the magic DELETE button on digital cameras/// when my kids get older they're going to think their childhood was ALL SMILES filled with all these "candid" perfect photo ops. (that mommy totally bribed them to "SAY CHEESE" for ha)

and PS 120 miles?!? Thats quite the commute!