Monday, January 5, 2009

Daily Kitties 1.5.09 ~ I Think They're Finally Getting Used to Each Other

We've been introducing the dogs to the kitties in short, supervised intervals. Neither dog is cat-aggressive, but it never hurts to watch carefully in the first few interactions, especially since the kitties have their claws ready to swipe an unsuspecting, sensitive nose. Just tryin' to keep the peace, ya know.

Blue, bless his heart, is very patient with the kitties. He lets them have their space and simply lays near them as his only means of satisfying his curiosity.

Coco, on the other hand, is insatiably curious. Being a youngin' herself, she is still fascinated by anything that moves, especially if it makes strange noises (the kitties like to growl, hiss, and spit at her).

Once the kittens hiss at her, they actively ignore her, as if they realize she's not going to hurt them. You can't see her very well in this picture, but Pixie is pretending to focus solely on cleaning her tail while Coco watches her from the bottom of the stairs.

The funny thing is, once Coco goes about her business, the kittens follow, as if they want to continue being the center of her attention. Then they go back to ignoring her.

As soon as her attention wanders, they bring her back with a hiss or growl to remind her what she should be focusing on.

Sometimes they just keep their eye on her.

All the back-and-forth is quite exhausting.

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