Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daily Kitties and Pulp

I think the daily kitty pictures might slow down a bit, now that they're spending more time outside. A lot of the time they are hiding in bushes or climbing trees (Bunny's managed to tree herself twice without being able to get down), so I don't get very many picture opportunities. I know I can always get a picture at mealtime, though. They never miss a chance to eat.

I love how I caught Pixie in the act of diving for her food.

I also like how the pictures make it look like we live in a jungle, even though that's the only green plant we have right now.

In this one, Ninja is studiously ignoring the girls, as he doesn't particularly like his new outdoor companions.

He'll warm up to them, though, especially when they start hunting and bringing home the bacon. (We got females because they are the better hunters, and the rat population has been quite bad at times. Ralph said that they actually used to crawl into his car's engine and chew the wires and cables.)

Inside the house, we had plenty to keep us occupied. Science partners came over to help with the science fair project: making paper. They quite enjoyed blending the paper and water to make pulp, especially when I put too much water in and it spurted out. That's why we all have our hands on the cover.

I'm really happy that we have a shredder, otherwise tearing all the paper into small, blender-sized bits would have taken forever. Peez was already "over" the project as it was; he asked if he could go play outside while we finished up. Um, no, because for one, I already passed fifth grade and don't actually need to do this project and two, it's just plain rude to leave your friends (and family) to do all the work. (He was actually surprised that I told him no. Sheesh.)

Anyway, I forced him to get his hands dirty (as if they'd been clean to begin with), and had him hold the screen while the pulp drained.

He actually enjoyed that part a little bit.

I also found a use for some of the leftover fabric I had lying around after doing my garlands. I used my pink and red Valentine flannel (since it's so absorbent) to lay down the pieces of newly-made paper.

See? It's good to have random crafty flotsam and jetsam lying around!

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