Friday, February 27, 2009

Daily Kitties ~ Down to One?

We haven't seen Pixie in four days. The last time Ralph saw her, she was headed over to the abandoned house two doors down. People were over there looking at the sign that read about it being foreclosed. We haven't seen her since.

We think the people saw this cute little kitten wandering around an abandoned house and thought to themselves, "Oh, what an adorable kitty! And she's all by herself! Let's take her with us and give her a good home!"

There really isn't another explanation since we live at the end of a cul de sac where cars hardly ever come. The kitties always stay close by, and there haven't been any dogs wandering around.


Bunny is devastated.

Actually, that's a lie.

She's euphoric.

Not because Pixie is gone, but because we've decided to keep her inside until she gets a bit bigger. We don't want other people to come looking at the house and pick up our other girl.

She's been purring non stop since we let her back in the house. She's planted herself in her favorite ottoman and rarely leaves it.

That is, unless there's evil string to be dominated. Then she needs to secure the safety of the house and vanquish it.

She'll sacrifice her spot for our safety. She's noble like that.

She's also still a brat.

The other day she clawed me for no particular reason and then jumped off my lap, when only a moment before she'd been purring contentedly. Ralph looked at her as she ran away and called after her, "That's why no one took you!"

Come back Pixie! We miss you!

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IE Mommy Blogger said...

how adorably cute! My girls would die for a kitty cat but we have so many people in our families that are deathly allergic. So, so cute!