Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blogoversary.... a Day Late

It's so typical of me to forget something like an anniversary.

My brother and I both forgot our parents' 25th wedding anniversary 10 years ago. They called us later and told us they thought we might have been planning a surprise party for them. They had cleaned up the house and the yard just in case the surprise party was going to be at their house.

And they had come home from their mini-vacation early. Just in case. Yes, we're wretched children who don't deserve our parents' love.

Don't worry. They'll never let us forget it.

I've also forgotten my dad's birthday a couple of times. Again, despicable. I deserve to be shot.

So it's true to form that I wouldn't remember my own blog's anniversary until I saw that Konimusa from Konigotes (such cute creations!) and Teena from It's All About Me! (great name!) left me comments wishing me a happy blogoversary. Thanks guys!

I think it's pretty funny that to see what reasons people click on my blog. My live traffic feed shows what pages people are coming from, and I'd say about 90% of my traffic comes from people Googling images of Spongebob Squarepants and an unfortunate child, "Baby-H" who won an ugly baby contest.

It's nice to see I'm attracting people with my in-depth knowledge and sparkling wit.


Way back when I put my blogoversary countdown widget on my sidebar, I thought about doing what a lot of those fancy-shmansy blogs do and give something away. Unfortunately, I don't have a hook-up to all those cool Etsy people, and my one friend who's super creative is also super busy doing things like assisting in veterinary operations and caring for 45 boarded animals at all hours of the day and night.

So it looks like I'll have to make something myself.

Or scrounge around in the garage.... Just kidding.

Kind of.

Anyway, if I end up making something (I do have something in mind) I'll post it here and see if anyone wants my trash treasure. If you see something on my blog that I've attempted and you happen to like it, let me know. I'll take suggestions.

Or maybe I'll just guilt my friend into making me something cool.

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Hope-It's a Vivas Thing said...

Way funny about the anniversary! I'll have to remember to make sure my children know when my 25th anniversary is!
Also love what you're doing for your hubby; so sweet. Much better than the cemetery mine got in his front yard to commemorate his 40th!