Thursday, March 19, 2009

Inherited Distress

I love reading decorating blogs and getting ideas from all the creative ladies in blog land. Of course, it makes me think they secretly have an extra 10 hours in their day that none of the rest of us have.

Seriously, how can these women do all the stuff they do with just the same 24 hours I was given? "Oh, I just whipped up these toile curtains while the baby was napping, then I organized my pantry and repainted the kitchen during playtime, then I re-grouted the tub and created an Easter garland while the kids were having lunch..." Oh, I kid. Kind of.

image source (she really does make cool garlands)

Anyway, "distressing" is really 'in' right now. And not the dire straights kind of distressing. I mean making things look old and worn. Here I've got a serious advantage. Everything in my house looks old and worn. Not only does the furniture look distressed, but so do the walls, floors, carpets, and kitchen appliances.

One particular post on distressing struck me today because a woman on a blog was talking about how she inherited her mom's china hutch and distressed the edges. This was after she talked about repainting the dining room, creating a new look for sun room, and building a miniature kitchen for her daughter's playroom all in the same day. (Okay, so I'm exaggerating a tiny bit.)

image source (seriously, this woman is amazing)

I knew right then that even though this woman is superhuman, I still have a leg up on the competition.

You see, my mom has a china hutch as well. I will probably inherit it someday.

I will never have to take time distress the edges.
Their dog has already done that for me.

I guess this kind of decorating genius runs in the family.

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