Wednesday, March 4, 2009

There's a Spring in My Step. And on my Table. And in my Cubicle.

I wanted to have something a little springlike on the dining room table, to inject a bit of color into the room. (So shoot me, I used fake flowers to decorate for spring. I don't normally like the look of fake, but fresh flowers are a luxury my budget can't handle. When I win the lottery I'll have nothing but fresh-cut flowers delivered to my door each day and a personal gardener to tend the grounds.)

I got this idea for a flower topiary from House of Whimsy, and she has a great tutorial for it here.

All of the supplies I was able to get at the Dollar Tree. (I already had the vase/urn.)

The store was out of Styrofoam balls, so I had to get a square and kind of squash the corners a bit. You can see how it looks a bit battered sitting in the vase.

I pulled the purple flowers off their stems and hot glued them to the Styrofoam uh, blob.

Then I smashed some floral foam into the vase. It was a little too tall, so I cut the height in half and it fit perfectly.

Oh yeah, I also spray painted the vase black. I'm now officially addicted to spray paint.

I cut the stems shorter on the green flowers and stuck them into the foam.

I also took the leaves from the beheaded purple flowers and put them all on one stalk, making it look fuller.

I placed the Styrofoam squircle (square/circle) with the purple flowers onto the stalk with the leaves and plunked it all into the foam.

Not too bad for a first attempt...

I decided to stick the bird there for an added bit of spring. I also changed out the red place mat left over from Valentine's Day and put a blue mat down. (For some reason I didn't get a picture of that.)

I also put up a new garland in my cubicle using green scraps of fabric I had lying around. I especially love the polka dot fabric.

My office mates assume it's for St. Patty's Day, which I suppose it is, but it will hold me over through spring as well.

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