Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WFMW: $1 Cosmetics

I love experimenting with my makeup, but I can't afford to try new colors/products and then be stuck with something I don't like. I love that Rite Aid has a good return policy for makeup, but it seems that even drugstore cosmetics are expensive nowadays. Then I found a makeup line that had the perfect price: $1.00 for just about everything.

I came across e.l.f (eyes.lips.face) cosmetics when I first started shopping at Food 4 Less (my local grocery store). I assumed it was a store brand so never looked further into it. The store I shop at doesn't have a great selection, but every now and then I happen across a nice find. And for a buck a piece for everything, I didn't feel guilty for picking a new lip gloss to try or a fun new eyeshadow.

Recently a co-worker of mine told me that e.l.f. has a website. I decided to check it out and found that they have everything from makeup brushes to mineral makeup. They have a wonderful selection of colors, too. It's a flat shipping rate of $7, whether you order one lipstick or 50, so if you're interested I would suggest getting some other gals and put your orders together so you can split the shipping. Or, you can go to Food 4 Less, Big Lots, or Kmart. There might be other stores too; check out their store locator.

Some products, like those in their Mineral line, are more than a dollar, but I think the most expensive of the makeup was $5. Not too bad.

It comes highly recommended by customers, just read the reviews. Also, magazines like Elle, Allure, Real Simple and O sing it's praises. Plus, it's P.E.T.A approved!

All that and it's only a buck? That works for me!

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Team Pipkin said...

i came upon your bog from "WeAreTHATFamily". wow! i have never heard of this brand but i gotta make a quick run to kmart so i'm gonna look for it. you know when i was a teenager i used to wear all the $1 make-up (wet n'wild & etc) it was fine for me back then. Funny as we get older we change what we want in a make-up. well thanks for the tip!