Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer of Death

The morning show crew at KROQ in LA has dubbed this The Summer of Death because so many celebrities have passed away just since June.

Of course there's MJ:

Farrah Fawcett, whom I think got a raw deal since her death was overshadowed by Michael's:

Before Farrah there was David Carradine,

There's also Ed McMahon,

Walter Cronkite,

John Hughes,

Karl Malden,

Football player Steve McNair,

Guitarist and inventor Les Paul,

Author Frank McCourt,

Actor Patrick McGoohan,

Model Naomi Sims,

And most recently conservative columnist Robert Novak.

Just to name a few.

We've also experienced a Summer of Death in our house. The other day we came to find out that a brutal murder had taken place right under our noses.

There was blood stuffing everywhere.

The killer even returned to the scene of the crime to finish the job.

Another victim in the Summer of Death.

R.I.P. Hedgie

You were a good hog.

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