Monday, November 23, 2009

Ten on Tuesday ~ Thanksgiving Edition

(I'm thankful I'm not a turkey.)

Each week, Crayl lists her Ten on Tuesday; 10 things she's thankful for. Of course, at this time of year, everyone is doing this, but Crayl's whole point is to do it always, not just at Thanksgiving.

Right now I feel like I'd just be mimicking things that everyone else is saying right now, just rattling off a list of things that I should always be thankful yet don't often stop to think about.

Don't get me wrong. I am soooooooo thankful that we both have jobs, that (other than a few sniffles and some pink eye) everyone's healthy, that we have been able to make ends meet during this stressful time of year, that the roof over our heads seems like it will hold out for another year to be fixed.

But often, it's the little things in life that keep me going from day to day when I'm too stressed to stop and think about what's really important in life. So this week I thought I'd list those little, often silly yet very gratifying things in life that get me by during this time of year.

1) Cake Wrecks trots out all the lovely Thanksgiving cakes being wrecked created around the country:

(I can't wait for the Christmas cakes!)

2) My guests at Thanksgiving won't give a hoot that I don't make everything from scratch.

3) They also won't care if my table is set with plates like this:

In fact, they'll probably think they make great conversation pieces.

4) Two extra days off work. 'Nuff said.

5) The warm weather in SoCal allows me to keep the windows and doors open, thus lowering the pungency of the odor of dog pee in the carpets that I haven't had a chance to steam clean yet.

6) My coworkers think I'm crazy. (Yes, this is something to be grateful for.) They see me decorate my cubicle for each holiday, and they actually bring stuff in for me to use. I get to decorate my house for my guests and they get a chance to get rid of their junk. It's really a win-win situation. They bring in everything from pie plates to fabric scraps to pine cones.

My boss found these discarded balls of yarn in her condo's community "dump" site and immediately thought of me.

7) The boys have the whole week off from school (lucky ducks!) so I get a break from having to wrestle them to the ground and then hog tie them to a chair to do homework.

8) I get to break out the Christmas movies and music without people looking at me funny.

9) We finally found the boys clothes they want for Christmas in the most hideous colors imaginable colors they want, for half the price than the ones in the malls!

(Blech. The 80s are back with a vengeance.)


Head over to Crayl's blog to read more about what we should all be thankful for, no matter what the season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Crayl said...

Have I mentioned that you totally rock? Because you do! Thank you for "getting it". I love your list. Love Cake wrecks, and I agree on the 80's color thing coming back, scary...and your coworkers are amazing!

I am married to a Christmas music/movie junkie...he'd watch or listen to any of it anytime of the year with great joy.

Have a good week at work!