Friday, November 13, 2009

Thinking of Christmas Already?

It's funny that I've already started looking for ideas for Christmas decorations, especially since I have a $0 budget this year. I'm determined to only spend money on a Christmas tree, and make do with what I already have.

However, I love looking on the web to get ideas for decorating, as I might happen upon an idea I like using stuff I already have.

I was looking on Rhoda's blog, Southern Hospitality, and she had photographed decorations at a Holiday House she had helped decorate. There are some great ideas I may be able to incorporate with my decorations that are sitting up in the attic collecting dust.

All the following photos are from her blog.

I LOVE the combination of the soft browns and greens:

The green/gold and green/silver combos are pretty too:

Monochromatic is always a nice way to go:

While I often think the green/red combo is too cheesy, these are the perfect soft colors so nothing looks garish or overdone:

While I'm not looking forward to crawling into the attic to unearth my decorations, I am looking forward to the possibilities of what I can create this year.