Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Mugshot

Doesn't everyone look excited to celebrate Dad's birthday?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

I will never understand why those men don't smile! Well, actually I do understand. Ralph tells me over and over again that he hates to smile for pictures, and when he does, it just looks forced. He passed that on to his sons.

Of course, Ralphie, (far right) is actually pissed off. He was really upset that we forced him to stop playing his video game to celebrate his father's special day. As soon as I snapped the picture, he literally RAN back to the game. I'm surprised he could run that fast, what with his pants looking like they were about to fall down to his ankles. (See picture above.)

By the way, that's 39 + 2 on a stack of brownies. We used special candles for Ralph's 40th last year, and they got tossed by accident. So we had to use the 39 from the previous year, and the 2 from Peez' 12th in October.

Ralph said it looked like 392, with a grave marker in the middle.

What a cheerful bunch they are.

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