Monday, March 15, 2010

Windy Day and a Little Known Fact

It's been super windy lately in the IE (that's the Inland Empire people). Last night I woke up at 2:00 AM to something that sounded like a pipe bomb blowing up in the house. (With three teenage boys taking up residence here, you never know... I'm just sayin'.)

Turns out it was the shed door banging about in the back yard. It made me think, though, of Blue, our vicious (yeah, right) sweetest-dog-ever pit bull. You 'member him, 'member?

Turns out Blue is afraid of the wind. That's right, the poor animal cringes whenever it's windy outside.

This must have been a non-windy day. Or it could have been super windy, and he's ecstatic to be inside:

But wait, there's more. The dumb darling creature actually tries to outrun the wind. He tries to keep it from "getting" him by running in circles. He has run a deep path around the perimeter of our yard, making it look like we host track meets out there from time to time.

You'd think in his 5+ years on the planet that he'd have figured out that it's impossible to stay one step ahead of the wind, but I never said he was the smartest dog on Earth.

All the same, I think he's one of sweetest. How can you resist this face??

I just realized the top of his nose is a bit sunburned in this picture. It was summer, after all. I'll have to remember to slather a bit of sunscreen on him once the horrid heat arrives. And as much as I would love a gust or two to give us a tiny respite from the abominable 100°+ temps, I might just have to banish that thought for one that reminds me to think of Blue's sanity.

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