Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday ~ The Lithesome L

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In no particular order (well, except the first one) I'm thankful for the following L's :


Drinks of any kind, but mainly water.

Hand-written LETTERS.
Don't see many of those anymore.

The Incredible Mr. LIMPET.
I don't know why it had so much of an effect on me, but I remember being fascinated by it since it had real people as well as cartoons.



And is it just me, or do you see a resemblance around the eyes?


Moving on...

Being LEFT-handed.
Even though I write funny and had to learn how to do a lot of things right-handed (like use scissors since there were never any left-handed ones), I still like it. I especially like that I inherited it from my grandfather.

Make it so much easier to find things.

There is not a moment in my life that hasn't been defined by what I'm reading at that time.

Especially childrens'.

My lips fade into my face otherwise.

The movers and the shakers.
We wouldn't have much of a history without them.

Other L's I'm particularly fond of:

Lifesavers candy
the smell of lilacs
linen fabric


For more luscious L's, head over to Crayl's blog, Beyond Black and White.

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