Friday, May 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~ The Stupendous S

Yeah, yeah, I'm super late with my list this week. Or super early for next week. Either way, here's my list of scintillating Ss that I'm thankful for daily:

, especially SNEAKERS and SANDALS
It's not that I have hundreds of pairs, or feel the need to shop for them like other people shop for milk. I'm just happy that someone invented something that would protect my tootsies from rocks, hot asphalt, melted gum, scorpion stings....
My current favorite? Chucks, baby.


I don't know where I'd be without these.

My INSANITY, however fleeting it may be

SCENTS such as those of fresh bread, blooming lilacs and roses, erasers (am I the only one?) and anything attached to a good memory. I also love perfume. My two favorites that I wear are

Issey Miyake

and Armani Code


Bad for you? Yeah. Makes food taste amazing? Oh yeah.

especially here in the desert where it never dips below 100° on summer days

goes without saying

easy to wear, easy to carry, perfect way to add warmth without bulk to an outfit

or as my grandmother calls them, davenports

being a SOUTHPAW
I do not write with my arm curled around my pencil like some do, and writing is actually difficult at times. I hate it when I get pen all over my hand from dragging it across wet ink, and in college there were only about three left-handed desks in a hall holding 300. I had to learn to use scissors righthanded because the "left-handed scissors" never worked, and many knives are right handed as well. But I still love it, because as we all know,


And I'm in good company.

Famous left handers:

Benjamin Franklin


Leonardo da Vinci

M.C. Escher

Queen Victoria

Bill Clinton

Barack Obama

Jimi Hendrix

Lewis Carroll

Oprah Winfrey

Bart Simpson (hee hee)

Jerry Seinfeld

Robert Redford

Marilyn Monroe

Robert DeNiro

Angelina Jolie

and a TON of sports figures.

Just for fun, I'm adding an extra one, because this is one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes ever.

(The last line is my new favorite quote.)

Have a happy and serene Friday everyone.

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