Thursday, July 1, 2010

Link Love: Trying to make a funny title here would just make it seem like I'm trying too hard

Okay, so I just found this site that is hysterical and I have to pass it on. It's called Hyperbole and a Half and Allie draws pictures using Paintbrush for Macs to go along with her hilarious stories. She talks about things like how to get yourself out of an awkward situation by setting yourself on fire or licking a close talker. She tells tales of her childhood that make you laugh out loud and her pictures are awesome in their randomness and their childlike simplicity.

She has the same struggles we all do and puts a great spin on them.

(All art is from her site.)
(I couldn't even draw this well on paper.)

She also has random sentences at the end of posts that that make me snort my coffee up my nose.

I would be so happy that my body would probably explode but it would be okay because there'd be rainbows inside of me!
(It makes sense in the post.)

Go check her out. Just don't read the posts at work or around a sleeping baby or a nervous person. You might draw attention to yourself with the choking and gasping for breath during your laughing fit.

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