Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Wayward W

I've been quite late, lax and lazy with my Ten on Tuesdays/Thankful Thursdays posts. I've been M.I.A. for a while, for reasons you'll see below. Therefore, without further ado:

10 Ws for which I'm thankful:

My Brothers WEDDING this past weekend in San Fran.

Everything from the delicious rehearsal dinner with the s'more tart to the incredible view to the five-minute ceremony to my uncle's crazy dancing to the five dessert choices at the reception, everything was simply amazing.*

This was the view from the 40th floor balcony where they held the ceremony!

My brother is usually a happy-go-lucky guy anyway, but to see him so actively pleased and beaming was a wonderful sight all around.

Ben and his gorgeous bride, Aline


Best thirst quencher ever.


No explanation necessary.

This very rare and short-lived WEATHER we are having right now. Low 90s with nice breezes. Gorgeous.

(Next week? Not-so-gorgeous triple digits.)


Novels, nonfiction, instruction booklets, you name it.


For the days when comfort trumps fashion.

Having WORK

Not that I enjoy it all the time, but I'm definitely thankful to have a job.


To blow all the smog away.

Dogs WAGGING their tails when they see me.

Every now and then being a little bit WILD.

Have a WILDLY fantastic rest of your week.

* I feel I should note that I actually really don't like weddings. I'm not big on large groups of people, and I'm not big on ceremony. I usually like the food, though.

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