Friday, September 17, 2010

A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words

This picture says so much about our family.

a) At least half of the men in our household are shirtless at any given time.

b) At least one of the men in our household is in serious need of a haircut at any given time.

c) Aaron is the only man in the household who genuinely smiles in pictures. Ever.

d) We skimp on cake around here. (Just kidding. That's a brownie. And no, we didn't have to all share just that one.)

e) We do skimp on birthday candles. Those are recycled from two previous birthdays.

f) At least one of the men in our household will skimp on chores at any given time. (Note the crumbs on the table that was supposedly wiped down after dinner.)

g) No matter what, we are always together as a family for our birthdays. Always.

Happy Birthday Aaron!!

Have a great weekend.

P.S. My mom gave me a memory stick full of old family photos that they had found while looking for embarrassing pics of my brother for his rehearsal dinner.

I found this one of me when I was 19, the same age as Aaron now. Tartan, the collie, looks like he's about to bite my head off, but I think he was actually just barking.

h) We take odd Christmas photos around here.

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