Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday

(look what I found at A Charmed Life! I think it originally came from Shark Bait, but I'm not 100% sure.)

Yeah, I've been MIA for awhile. I'm deep in the trenches of "single" parenthood since someone is out of commission for the time being. To say it's been challenging is an understatement. Let me remind you that teenagers smell (step)parents' weaknesses and pull no punches, even when said (step)parents are at their lowest.

That's why these Ten on Tuesday and/or Thankful Thursday posts are so important. They are a reminder to me to lift my head out of the mud that I just fell in face down and be grateful. Because it's absolutely true: things can always get worse.

Okay, that last sentence wasn't very positive, so I'm just going to stop rambling and start my list.

While the doctor was on the fence last week, he didn't hesitate for a moment yesterday when he said, "Oh yeah, it's gonna be fine." The broken leg just has to stay in a cast for a few more weeks. Whew!

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(Watch out, Paul.)

has been awesome this week. It's been rainy and cold, which believe me, here in the desert is a Godsend. I love snuggling up under a pile of blankets after last week's triple-digit temperatures. (Although it's supposed to be 90° this weekend.)

isn't my sole responsibility anymore, as Ralph can sit on a stool in front of the stove to cook. With crutches, he can't exactly pick up a scalding hot pot of pasta to drain it into sink, but he can stir a mean pasta sauce and cut up 5 pounds of chicken. I'm so thankful to have a sous chef now! (Even if he is a bit snarly.)

It exhausts the boys and they're in bed by 8:30.

A refreshing change by getting POSITIVE NEWS from the football coach. Peez is the fastest sprinter on the team! (He probably got that way from all the laps he had to run before due to insubordination, eye-rolling, talking back, uh, extra training.)

Talking to a mom of twins on the football team and hearing that it's
[There are times, of course, that I realize what I'm dealing with is nothing compared with other moms out there. So I'll try to keep my whining to a minimum. Dooce had a great quote about it today when she was in the middle of a single-parent pity party:

My sister and the women like her would look at this situation and be all, honey, add seven more kids, a broken toilet, and a teenager who just walked in the door carrying a goat with foot and mouth disease. Average Friday night RIGHT THERE.]

The low tire pressure that someone we thought was due to running something over (and possibly ruining the tires) turned out to be just that: low tire pressure. A little air and we were good to go.

My one constant that never disappoints.

Although I do miss George. He was my favorite.

Actually, SURVIVOR is pretty darn good, too.


And the fact that
is a fresh new start.

What are you thankful for? Head over to Crayl's blog to see more wondrous things in this world to give thanks for each and every day.

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