Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I just realized it's been quite a few weeks since I did a thankfulness post. And there really is so much to be thankful for, even when, especially when, life throws crazy curve balls at you. That's why I always want to remind myself of that with these posts. I'm so glad Crayl does this every week.

1) Election Day
As much as I take it for granted, I really am thankful that we have the freedom to vote in our country. And the fact that I don't have to worry about getting death threats on the way to the polling place is an added bonus.

2) Election Day
I'm thankful that today means the end of the bazillion phone calls from candidates, sheriffs, city council members, etc. telling me who to vote for. Oh, and the end of those horrid commercials, too.

3) I'm thankful that Ralph's cast came off on Friday! He walks around like Frankenstein with his "boot," but he's walking!

4) I'm thankful that the boys are too cool nowadays to go trick-or-treating and therefore are not hopped up on sugar for the entire week.

5) I'm thankful that coworkers brought their leftover candy to the office so that I can be hopped up on sugar all week.

6) I am thankful that an important event I'd been stressing over went off without a hitch.

7) Strange but true: I am actually thankful for getting a late start to our commute today, because it reminds me how much more pleasant our commute is when we leave earlier. (The crazies like to sleep in a bit more.)

8) I'm thankful for Ralph's quesadillas. He made them for me for the first time this weekend. Heaven.

9) I am grateful for the boys' health and safety. You never know with teenagers, but thankfully these guys have good heads on their shoulders, even if their main goal in life is to make me believe they might do something dangerous at any moment.

10) I'm thankful that all my friends back in the Bay Area get to celebrate breaking a 56-year streak with no Series title. Just thinking about how happy everyone must be today makes me smile.

Happy day.

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Crayl said...

Love, love, LOVE the sign. :)
And as for number 6....remember that the next time you stress out. It doesn't matter how much you worry or stress out, it won't change the outcome. Do what is necessary, do the work, but let the stress go....Have a great week.