Friday, January 28, 2011

Day #16 ~ The Fridge

I had this done a while ago, but just hadn't had the time to post it. The rest of the challenges, as of now, are still undone. I am working on the mail station, which is actually turning into organizing all my files, which might take another two decades. So yeah, progress has slowed a bit.

It was definitely time to clean and organize the fridge. There were Kool Aid spills, unidentifiable lumps in Tupperware containers, and lots of bags and bottles holding things like half a tortilla or two drops of ketchup taking up valuable space.

Here's the before, complete with yet another one of the furry critters helping me "clean." This one lives for food, even if it's dried and stuck to the bottom of the fridge.

Here's the door; I think 90% of the bottles had less than one serving left in them.

One of the teens-in-residence decided to reenact a Sasquatch sighting behind the fridge door. I didn't even notice him until I pulled up the pics on the computer.

I cleared the shelves one at a time (didn't want to have all the food out on the counter at once) and thoroughly cleaned them, along with the sides, bottom, and inside the door. I don't even want to know what half the stuff was that I wiped off the surfaces in there.

I put things like cookies (which we have to keep in the fridge cause of ants) in Tupperware that made it possible to reach in a grab a few without simultaneously spreading another fine layer of crumbs on the shelf.

I took fruits and veggies out of their plastic bags so they're more accessible and less likely to turn into gray, liquidy, lumps.

I threw out a lot of the bottles, random candy, and other food that was being forgotten "saved." This gave me a lot more room, and made it look infinitely better.

Unfortunately I think this is going to have to be a weekly project, as the other Sasquatches in the house don't have "keep fridge clean" as their highest priority. But it does sure look purdy right now!

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