Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Talkin' in Your Sleep

(source, and song, found here)

So the depression flood waters have receded a bit, but I feel like I'm still stuck in the mud, moving forward oh-so-slowly.

That's why I was very thankful for some comic relief the other night.

Ralph tends to talk in his sleep right after he dozes off, which often makes me think he's still awake. I'll ask him a question, and he'll say something like, "Stop asking questions now!" It won't be until the next morning that I'll ask him why he'd been so rude, and he'll look at me with a confused expression, not having any idea what I was talking about.

The other night I knew he'd already fallen asleep, so I went to take the remote control out of his hand to turn off the TV. He immediately yells, "Don't take my stuff!" To which I replied, "I'm just turning the TV off. You were already snoring." He exclaimed, "I wasn't snoring, I was thinking!" I started laughing so hard I was shaking the bed, waking him up. When I told him what he'd just said, he didn't remember it at all. But then he started laughing too.

Never a dull moment with that man, I tell ya.

There's a woman whose husband sleep talks all the time, saying bizarre, (and often expletive-filled) phrases. The funny part is that when he's awake he is very mild-mannered and never says anything like he does when he's asleep. She actually started a blog about it, complete with audio! [I think I may have mentioned the blog in a previous post, come to think of it.]

Click over to Sleep Talkin' Man for more hilarity. (Careful, though. If you don't like swear words you should probably stay away.)

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WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

We have sleep talkers and sleep walkers in my family, and sometimes they combine the two. Sleep walking is kinda dangerous,but the sleep talking is hilarious!!!