Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Snapshots From the Fourth and a Question. Okay, Two.

Only eight days late. Not bad. Truth is, it's been so dang hot that I can barely function and the computer is in a super hot corner of the house. The thought of sitting down and roasting to try and crank out a post just wasn't appealing enough to me.

Yesterday, however, the weather finally turned and it's only supposed to get into the 80s for the rest of the week. Woo hoo!

This is the temp on the Fourth of July as I went to the store:

I had to buy extra cookies to make cookie dough pie - best hot-day dessert EVER. There is no cooking involved, so you don't have to turn on the oven, and it's so cool and refreshing.

Coco was the only one willing to risk the heat for awhile. (And even she's in the shade.) I just stayed inside and took pics.

We finally went out to BBQ and pulled the grill under the tree so the largest body in the universe wouldn't roast us to a crisp. (Did you know that the sun accounts for 99% of the solar system's total mass? For reals.)

Daisy, of course, watched the ground intently for falling scraps.

We didn't even have to rally to drive to see fireworks. All of our neighbors had illegal ones, so we had a 360° show right from the back yard.

The dogs were NOT fans of the fireworks. Coco barked herself silly and ran around chasing them in the sky. The other dogs just chased her instead. It was quite the cacophony, what with fireworks exploding and every dog in the neighborhood going insane.

The next day Coco simply lay in the back yard, all tuckered out from her long night.

Blue was nice enough to join her.

Okay, so I have a camera question. I took all these pics with my phone, because my camera will only turn on long enough to tell me to turn it off. The lens is stuck in the open position, and I put new batteries in it and that didn't help. Does anyone know what can be wrong with it? It's just a little point and shoot jobby, do those have a short shelf life? It's about 5 years old.

Also, Ralph's camera has suddenly decided to take pictures with bright lines across them, blocking out the whole picture. Anyone know what that's all about? Are aliens invading?

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