Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Just Remembered That I Used to Be Smart ~ Part 1

Me as a towheaded two-year old.

A couple of weeks ago I came across Kelly's blog and read her post on being a gifted kid. It suddenly reminded me that at one point in my life, I was actually considered gifted.

Heather with heather

I, like Kelly, started kindergarten a year early, although unlike her I was always the smallest of my classmates and often the most timid.

Even though I cried every day during math in third grade (and was ridiculed by my teacher for it), I also remember him passing around my research reports on Colombia and raccoons (two separate reports, not one about Colombian raccoons) to other teachers to show as a good example.

4th grade, I think

In sixth grade I was identified as a GATE kid and went to a separate classroom for math(!) with two other kids.

In middle school I got straight A's and while things didn't necessary come easily to me, I had the determination and confidence to push through until I succeeded.

It's around that time that everything started to fall apart.

to be continued...

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