Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The last day of July brought a lovely surprise: rain.

In the desert.

In the middle of the summer.

(loving the raindrops on top of the pool)

That NEVER happens.

I mean, it actually poured.

Can you tell I haven't deadheaded the flowers in a while?

I know to most people in the country this is a daily occurrence in the summer, but here, it's practically unheard of. And it brought the temps down to around 75°, much cooler than the usual 95°+. It was so refreshing.

And then August had to get all uppity and start herself off with her usual icky-ness:

If the little brat follows her usual recourse, we have an entire month of triple-digit temperatures to look forward to.

A month with heat so intense that it literally saps every bit of energy (plus my will to live) out of my body. (Have I mentioned that we don't use the AC?)

And the worst part? August usually bullies September into following suit.

Just shoot me now.

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Crayl said...

Could be worse...{insert personally scenario here}. Just saying. I am with you on the heat zapping thing. At least you have a pool, that's refreshing and something to be thankful for. (you know me)Hopefully September will stand up to August and tell her it's going to do it's own thing, which is hopefully to cool back off. :)