Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day of Autumn

The IE (Inland Empire) is odd for many reasons, one of them being that it can't follow a calendar to save its life. Here it is, the first day of Autumn, and this how we're going to celebrate:

I refuse to succumb to the heat, though, and I'm going ahead with Fall, at least indoors.

Here are a few things I'm thinking of whipping up, although in all reality I probably won't have time to do much other than throw a few plastic pumpkins on the mantle. (I suppose I could drag a bag with glue, twine, scraps, etc. to the footballs games and practices, but my stepsons think I'm embarrassing enough already.)

Anywho, even if I don't get to do these, they're still fun to look at.

Recaptured Charm made an awesome dollar-store twine pumpkin

Jaime at That's My Letter also used twine to decorate these adorable pumpkins.

The Nester made a ton of book page crafts and decor for her sister's book release party. I especially loved this leaf and vine creation.

I have a ton of coffee filters and have wanted to do something with them for a while. I love this Fall wreath at Mary's Meanderings.

Sweet Something Design made a maple-leaf garland using plaster leaves, much better than those garish colors they started out with.

And there are always cloth pumpkins to try, like these flannel pumpkins at The V Spot

I have a wool sweater with about 13 holes in it, screaming to be used for something crafty. This would be perfect.

Jean at Prim Crafts used muslin

I love these sweater pumpkins at Happy to Design

And more from Mary's Meanderings

Of course, I'm always up for something glittery, and these gals have gussied up some pumpkins with glitter spray paint, which I'm assuming is pure happiness in a can.

Infarrantly Creative made glitter pumpkins for her gorgeous tablescape

So did Tatertots and Jello

Sigh. So many pretties, so little time.

Have a great weekend.

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