Friday, September 30, 2011

So I updated my blog and header a day early. Partially because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween and can't wait to decorate and dress up and eat lots and lots of candy.

And partially because I'm kind of ready for September to be over. The beginning of school and football practice always bring total chaos, and I'm ready to settle into the routine. That and I'm ready to be done shelling out big bucks for everything from back-to-school clothes to fundraisers to football gear. (Oh, I know, that stuff never stops, it just seems like September tends to drain us faster than most months.)

Coincidentally, Heather at Dooce made an observation about September on her blog yesterday. It totally makes sense to me, and is something I hadn't thought about before. Go check it out.

Here's to Halloween, cooler weather (only 90° today, woo hoo!) and loads and loads of candy.

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rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I must be whacked - fall is my favorite time of year! Shorter days and cooler weather (okay, so *technically* it was 98 degrees yesterday)? Yes please. Not to mention all the clothes in yummy colors....the only time of year I buy anything since come January everything shifts to pastels and I have to wait 9 more months for the good stuff to come back ;)