Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Eh, I'm only two weeks late with my Thanksgiving post. Truth is, I'm enjoying relaxing. This season I'm determined not to run around like a crazed maniac just because society and the retailers say I should. I did not, nor do I ever plan to participate in Black Friday. I did however,

Eat. A. TON.

Most of my pictures from Thanksgiving either show us cooking food or eating food.

Sounds about right.

Here's me and my mom racing around the kitchen doing last minute prep.

And Ralph giving some fatherly advice on making gravy.

And carving The Bird.
(Which only took two hours longer to cook than originally planned. Sweet.)

The next day I felt bad for having starved my parents the day before, so we decided to have Ralph's mom and fiancé over for more food.

Yes, there was more food than this.

I love men in the kitchen.

I did finally decide to extricate myself from the table and my parents and I waddled around The Getty museum for a day. Its architecture, gardens, and views are just as impressive as the art.

We also forced the boys into some mandatory physical activity.

The rest of the time was spent mostly doing this:

Relaxing, sleeping, lavishing attention on the mutts.

All in all, a lot less stressful than I thought it would be.
I hope Christmas is the same.

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