Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Am Pig Dog. Hear Me Snore.

We have apparently become known as the family who takes in all the animals others can't keep. Not that I'm complaining. We've inherited quite a brood of amazing critters, and we just added one more.

Princess Piggy Specklebottom

(I snort like a pig)

She's a four-month-old French Bulldog with whom we fell in love on New Year's Eve.

Our friends weren't really supposed to have dogs at their place, and when they saw how much she clicked with all of us, they knew they'd found a good home for her.

(You can see the polka dots on my butt here; hence my last name)

Our friends also loved the fact that Piggy has other dogs to play with, as she was a bit lonely over there. She LOVES chasing the other dogs and going after their tails.

They are amazingly patient with her.

When she's not chasing something/someone, she can usually be found napping.

(I snore like a chainsaw)

Or chillin'.

She always wants to be close by.

I love how she looks like a grumpy old man here.

I think she'll fit right in.

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