Thursday, July 26, 2012

Casualties of War

Ninja, also affectionately called Ninjerk, got in a whopper of a fight a few days ago.  He's always been a scrapper, and usually he comes out the victor with nary a scratch and maybe just a tuft of hair missing.  (He'd been an indoor cat for years but then got a taste of freedom.  No turning back after that.)  

We didn't even know he'd been in a fight at first, just that he wasn't eating much.  Then we noticed the hair starting to fall out around his skull and some tell-tale puncture marks on his head.  Then Ralph saw him scratch it one day and tons of pus and blood (sorry) started coming out of his head.  Of course, being the perfect feline that he is, instead of letting Ralph catch him and clean him, Ninja instead ran around the house spewing gunk everywhere.  Yeah, lovely.

I think cats do this stuff on purpose to remind us who's boss.

We tried cleaning and irrigating the wounds ourselves, but after a couple days of this and no noticeable improvement, we knew it was time to go to the vet.  Sedation, irrigation, stitches,  and a car payment later, I give you Frankenkitteh:

Or as Ralph proudly calls him, Cannibal Cat.  (He's convinced Ninjerk ate his opponent.)

(If looks could kill....  I had the same look on my face when the receptionist/tech told me how much the visit cost.)

Frankeninja hasn't yet forgiven us for putting him through the vet ordeal  (it's for your own damned good, you jerk!) and continues to fight us twice daily when we give him his meds.  He's also expressed his displeasure at having to stay inside to heal by peeing on all the drapes by the sliding glass doors.  Sigh.  At least those can be thrown in the wash.  Unlike the car upholstery...

So as not to leave you with such an ugly, sad tale of woe, here's a picture of the Pig Dog (is it merely coincidence that I just typed Pig God by accident?) in all her bat-eared glory.

(I could have told you cats are nuthin' but trouble.)

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rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I don't know what's more tragic - seeing that poor kitty or knowing how much it cost to fix :( Maybe he learned his lesson??