Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Driven to Distraction

Lately there have been too many fluctuations in daily life and my body can only process so much crazy before it just shuts down and goes into robot mode.  My brain will intake the current information, decide to form a cloud around itself to keep from absorbing anything, (seriously, my vision actually fogged over the other day when I received yet another piece of news) and then release the data back into the universe without fully processing it.  I'm just watching the events in my life happen as if they are on a movie screen.  I also think my heart has developed a sort of scab over itself for protection.  I'll feel little pinpricks of emotion every now and again, but I'll turn my focus to other things when the pain gets too bad.  (What is it Scarlett O'Hara used to say?  "I'll just think about that later" ??)  Perhaps it's this avoidance technique that got me to rearrange the furniture this weekend and then start painting all the kitchen cabinets while simultaneously working on my resume.  My body has simply decided to keep me too busy to focus on the insanity.

Does anyone need their gutters cleaned?  House painted?  Tax receipts filed?  Cause I have a feeling that now, especially with the holiday season upon us, I'm gonna need some serious distractions.

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