Monday, April 29, 2013

A former co-worker of ours was having a 60s/Mad Men birthday party this past weekend, so I ratted my hair to high heaven, Ralph channeled Don Draper, and away we went.

Ariyanna (another coworker) and I gettin' all Mod up in here.

I love a sharp-dressed man.

Shaun, aka the birthday boy, was a pilot from back in the day.  (Think Catch Me If You Can.  See picture below.)  The event was held in the Legends of Aviation Bar in Long Beach Airport.  So much fun, and it was great to see friends outside of work.

P.S.  I'm so grateful to have a husband willing to brush out all the knots in my hair from the rat-tastic hairdo.  If I'd had to do it myself I'd be bald right now, mainly because I would have lost patience and just shaved my head.  How did women do it back then???

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