Friday, August 16, 2013

Rosarito, Baja California

Grandma's house is right by the clump of palm trees.

The little beach town of Rosarito, Baja California is just about 20 minutes south of the border, and is absolutely adorable.  Going to college in San Diego, all I'd known about Rosarito prior to a couple of years ago was that a lot of spring breakers used to go down there and that it was the location of Papas & Beer.  When I moved down from the Bay Area to Orange County,  I went down there for Christmas one year.  I had a lovely, relaxing experience in the quiet little beach town.

So when I found out that Ralph's grandparents had a place down there, I was excited to go back.  Ralph talked about it for years, but we could never find the time to go. Then, once passports were needed for everyone, it was a bit of a hassle dealing with all that entailed.  We did finally get everyone outfitted with one, though,  and when Ralph's grandmother mentioned she was going down there a couple of weeks ago to pay the yearly taxes, we jumped at the chance to join her.

A short drive later and we were right at the beach, exploring all the lovely scenery had to offer.

Here's Ralph showing the boys different critters in the tide pools. 

It was my and the boys' first time down here (that they remember anyway), but Ralph has been exploring these tide pools since he was a mere babe.

Lots of critters!

That night we walked up to the restaurant at the top of the street and enjoyed delicious grub and some nice family time.

(Grandmas Chris and Great-grandma Carr)

This is Grandma Carr with one of her 17 great grandchildren!

The next day was back to the beach, a bit foggier than the day before but just as fun.

We walked down near Baja Studios, where parts of Titanic and The Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed.

Could that be The Black Pearl in the distance?

Yikes!  A wave caught them by surprise!

They got wet, but were otherwise unscathed.

Ralph really enjoyed showing the boys this place that was such a big part in his youth.

(Right here Ralph is saying, "Great, these guys are going to look so much bigger than me in this picture.")

Hey, at least your wife is shorter than you.

We all had a FANTASTIC time.  (It was a really nice break from the all-too-serious "reality" of everyday life.)

The drive back took quite a bit longer, as there was a four-hour wait at the border.  Yes.  FOUR HOURS.  But we knew to expect that, plus, there were people selling everything from churros to puppies to keep us occupied.  We all bought souvenirs while we waited.  Here I am relaxing in mine back at home.

Aaaaaah.   It's good to be back.

Happy Friday everyone,

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