Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Am a Bald, Lesbian Superhero with Mind-Control Powers

I was in Goodwill the other day, buying name-brand jeans that were 1/50 of their original price. (The one in Huntington Beach is great; people there wear something for one season and then dispose of it. Sometimes they just keep it in their closet for a season and never even take the tags off.) Anyway, when I handed the cashier my credit card, he looked at my name and said, "Did you know you share the same name with a superhero?" Huh? "Yeah, her alter ego's name is Moondragon." Interesting. "She is a minor character in Marvel Comics and she has telepathic powers." Hmmmmm..... He wrote the name on the back of my receipt and I went home to investigate.

As superheros go, I'm not all that amazing. True, I am trained in martial arts and I can read people's minds, but I'm also easily influenced, infected with mutated spores, the host of an evil dragon, and a home-wrecker to boot. Still, it's pretty cool that I can control a whole planet of people and force them to live in peace. Now that's a great power to have!

All in all, it's pretty cool being a superhero. I've always loved playing dress-up and taking on a totally new persona. And by being a compadre of the Avengers, I also get to help save the universe from evil forces (although one of my aliases is Madame McEvil. Maybe I could be on Grey's Anatomy?) The fact that I have superpowers a neat addition to that as well. (Although on a selfish level, I'd rather have the power to fly.)

Random internet quiz of the day:

How many five-year-olds could I take in a fight?


How many my alter-ego superhero self could take on with her hands tied behind her back:


She should just control their minds and force them all to take a nap...

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Anonymous said...

Quiz says I could take on 30 five year olds. Little bastards are going down.