Thursday, March 20, 2008

Overheard Over the Cubicle

I work at an education publishing company that sells supplemental books to teachers. As an editor, I work with the art coordinator to find artists to illustrate said books. We are having an artist shortage at the moment, and one of the other editors was unhappy to hear that there was no one to illustrate one of the pages in her books. So she took it upon herself to search our antiquated art files stuffed away in a dusty cabinet...

1st editor: Hey, do you think this picture could pass for a captain, um, (checks her page) James Cook?
2nd editor: Isn't that Thomas Jefferson?
1st editor: Well, yeah. But doesn't he look like he could be this other guy?
2nd editor: I guess....

You be the judge:

Captain James Cook, courtesy of
the National Maritime Museum blog.

And Mr. Thomas Jefferson

Well, duh, all old white guys with wigs look the same!!

And we wonder why kids don't know anything nowadays.

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