Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The blood-thirsty beast gets an award

"Everyone hold their dogs!" the receptionist bellowed across the waiting room as I walked into the Humane Society yesterday. I was bringing Blue in to be neutered (after many a conversation with the boys over how this will change him and if people can get "fixed" too). I expect the receptionist's kind of reaction when people who haven't been around pit bulls come face to face with one, but I was hoping someone at an animal clinic would be a bit more savvy, or at least a little more discreet. Luckily, the vet tech who took us into pre-op has two of her own, and she immediately liked him.

When I returned a few hours later, another vet tech led Blue out into a post-op room and told me she liked him so much that she wanted to give him an award:

"I was hoping you were one of those owners who comes late to pick up their dog just so that I could play with him longer. I've been sitting with him in the cage all day." (Here I got an odd picture of the two of them sharing a small crate together, but I'm assuming it's a pretty large area.) "He is so sweet, I just love him!" That was so nice to hear after the morning's call to arms from the woman at the desk, who apparently thought Blue might go on a killing spree. The vet tech petted and cooed over him a few minutes longer as Blue tried to climb into my lap (not an easy feat for a 71 pound dog). She then sadly let us go.

Blue is recovering like a champ, although the boys were upset upon seeing his "flat sac" which they had to investigate immediately. When I showed them the ribbon, Ralphie, ever the pessimist, said, "They probably give those to all the dogs." I, for my part, refuse to believe it.

Here's Blue humbly accepting his award:

Actually, he's really trying to hide behind it. He's camera shy.

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