Monday, April 21, 2008

In memoriam

Ralph R. Olmedo

Ralph's dad lost his fight with Hepatitis C this past Friday. He had contracted it from a blood transfusion in the 70s, and was officially diagnosed in 2001. He had since developed cirrhosis of the liver and his kidneys had failed as well. He was only 58 years old.

I am sorry that I never met the "real" Ralph, as he was already very sick when I met him for the first time. His son tells me he was a man of honor and strong convictions, and his grandsons tell me that their favorite memory of their grandpa was of him singing them silly songs. He will be greatly missed.

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Subha Kumpaty said...


Thanks for sharing your story, that of your father-in-law. And for the many thanks you are thankful to God for- such as a car that runs.

My mom suffered from cirrhosis of liver and died at at an age of 60. None of our family members smoke or drink. Actually, the diagnosis was close to her death and there was no cure. Twelve years earlier, she ahd hysterectomy when they had to give blood transfusion. It was blood from a severe alcoholic. It was hard for our family to see mom suffer. We entrusted to God's keeping and felt helpless. She taught me a whole lot in life, especially giving thanks to God and all that have invested in my life.

May God bless you abundantly this season.

Subha Kumpaty