Friday, April 4, 2008

Funniest Headline I've Ever Read

Toddlers Can No Longer Get Hitched in Arkansas

I thought this heading was hysterical as I perused today. Granted, the subhead ruined it a little bit: Law had mistakenly allowed anyone to marry with parental consent

But I still got quite a kick out of imagining a wedding for two-year-olds. Would it be a Disney-themed wedding? Would part of the ceremony include nap time? Would they register at Toys R Us? What would their cake look like?

Of course this sent me on a web search for child weddings, which unfortunately turned up things like this:

This is a real movie!

I also came across a disturbing article on the plight of child brides in Alabama, which led me to a link entitled On his 14th birthday, boy weds 42-year-old, where the boy's father was quoted as saying, "If you've met the man of your dreams, why wait?" He also went on to say, "We happen to be on the proper side of the law. It's in the laws of five states. Why is it so wrong?" Actually, it's only legal in Texas and Kansas, but there are plenty of other scary statistics I found on other sites, like sex in Illinois is only considered statutory rape if the victim is under the age of 9. (Obviously 10-year-olds are mature enough to handle things like STDs and unplanned pregnancies.)

Okay, I couldn't take any more of that, or all the other articles discussing child brides throughout the world. So I typed in "pretend weddings" instead, and got some cuter, less squirmy-feeling pictures:

This is probably a flower girl and
ring bearer, but I still thought they were cute.

And yes, I know I shouldn't just put on blinders to the atrocities happening in our world today, but some things are just too much to take on the Friday of a week that's been eternally long.

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